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Considering Options for Selling Your Property Online

If you want to sell your property and sell it as soon as possible it may be possible to do so online with us. We offer cash for your property in a short time frame. However there are pros and cons when considering selling this way and here we take a look at some things you may wish to consider before rushing into selling your home.

Choosing an Online Company

When you look on the internet with the intention of being able to sell a house fast you should consider the following:

  • Is the company regulated by the Financial Services Authority? New regulations mean that any company offering you cash for your property with the option to sell your home fast should regulated by the FSA. We are a regulated company.
  • As a regulated company we do not push you into selling.

Contacting the Company

You may wish to check out how you are able to contact the company you are considering selling your home too, do they:

  • Provide you with an online form to leave your details? We do.
  • How long does it take for the company to provide you with a verbal quote?
  • Is there a phone number for you to contact the company if you wish to speak to a "real" person? We provide you with one.

Pros and Cons

Bear in mind that there are numerous pros and cons to be weighed up when you wish to sell your home fast, consider:

  • We do not offer 100% of the full value of the property, usually around 70%.
  • There are typically no fees to pay out such as for an estate agent or a solicitor.
  • If you are happy to go ahead with the sale you may be able to sell your property to us in a matter of a few weeks, typically around 1 month.

These are just a few of the many decisions you will have to consider when looking into selling your home online with us when we offer you a fast sale and there are many more. Always take the time to look into all your options before rushing into something you may regret.

Two easy ways to get a no obligation offer for your property.

If like me you have property to sell that is not in the best condition and you want to sell your house fast you could do as I did and get a free valuation from a regulated fast sales company and sell in weeks.

When you have property to sell and you don't want to risk the housing market as you need to sell house for cash, consider selling online.

Put your home on the market with an estate agent and you may not be able to sell your house quick ,choose to sell online and you may have cash in the bank in just a matter of weeks.

If you have property that you do not want and want to sell your home fast you could get a cash sum without the need to pay for a solicitor or an estate agent with a fast sale agreement.

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