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My Property is in Disrepair, can I still sell it?

If your property is in disrepair and you need to sell it fast you may be asking "If I want to sell my house quick is worth paying out to spruce up the property or sell with a company offering a fast sale in any condition" People generally ask this when they are considering the two options, selling online or through an estate agent.

It takes money to make money

The old saying is that it takes money to make money, but is this so when you are thinking of selling property. When considering renovating property in order to be able to sell fast, consider the following:

  • You may pay out many thousands of pounds for a patio or conservatory but will this help you to sell any faster? If properties in your area are not selling at all the chances are that you will just be wasting your money.
  • If you want to gain interest in your home when putting it up for sale you may wish to spruce up the outside of the home without spending a fortune. Cleaning gutters, weeding the garden and cutting the lawn and applying a lick of paint to outside woodwork makes a drastic change to the exterior. This is a cheaper solution than putting in new windows and doors and landscaping the property.
  • If you cannot afford to spend much money to make changes needed to spruce up your home you may have to drop the asking price a little, after all this may work out cheaper than paying out to remedy the faults on your property and prepare it for sale.

Sell the property as it is

It is a bit of a gamble when you think about spending money to make money. You may well spend hundreds or thousands of pounds and it could add value onto your property and may help you to get a fast sale. On the other hand you could spend all this money only to see your property sit on the market and not sell. You may wish to consider the following if you want to sell your house fast and weigh up the pros and cons:

  • When you sell with us we consider property that is in any condition. This means you do not have to spend hard earned cash just to be able to sell.
  • We also offer a fast cash sale that is typically around 70% of the full value of the property. You may be able to sell in 4 weeks.
  • There are no estate agents fees or solicitor's fees to have to payout.
  • You avoid broken chains that are commonly associated with selling on the market.

Two easy ways to get a no obligation offer for your property.

There could be any number of reasons why you may have the need to sell your home fast and when you want a fast sale the estate agent may not be the best way to go.

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The sale went through very quickly with hardly any hassle and I have been able to stay in my home, which meant no disruption for myself and my children.I would definitely recommend this to anyone in a similar situation.

Mrs J, Exeter

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