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There are many reasons why you might need to sell your house quickly: you might be living under the threat of repossession; maybe you need to relocate for work or fancy a change of scenery; or perhaps you've inherited a piece of property that is located very far away or you don't have the time or money to manage.

With SellHouseFast, once we put an offer in for your property, we guarantee a fast and efficient sale. Selling your house through an estate agent can take many, many months. With SellHouseFast, you sell directly to us, which means that once you're happy with our offer, you could receive a cash payment in less than 4 weeks.

If you sell your house through an estate agent, it may also be necessary to spend money making the house look as good as possible for potential buyers. This requirement can take up valuable time and money, which can be unhelpful or even impossible especially when you need a quick sale. If you sell your house to us, we will buy it in the condition it is and it won't make any difference to our offer.

At SellHouseFast we understand that there are various reasons why someone might need to sell their house quickly. Inherited property can be a burden rather than a welcome gift; and when you're still grieving, finding an estate agent to sell an inherited property is often the last thing anyone wants to do. Or perhaps you've fallen into financial difficulty, and need to sell your house before it is repossessed. We understand how emotionally draining it can be living under the threat of eviction, and can give you advice on how to stay in your home and sell it on your own terms. At SellHouseFast, our experts will treat your case with compassion and do our utmost to help resolve your case as soon as possible. Get in touch for a quote today.

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The sale went through very quickly with hardly any hassle and I have been able to stay in my home, which meant no disruption for myself and my children.I would definitely recommend this to anyone in a similar situation.

Mrs J, Exeter

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