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Wondering How to Sell Your Property

If you have reason to sell your property you may be wondering whether to choose to sell with an estate agent or go with companies that buy houses such as ours. Here are some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide which may be the most suitable option for your circumstances.

The Pros of Selling with Each

There are many pros to selling with an estate agent and there are many when you choose to sell with a company offering you a quick sale:

  • As a regulated company we offer you a fast sale may help you to sell in as little as just 4 weeks from first applying to sell.
  • An estate agent will put your home on the market and advise you on how much you may be able to get for your home.
  • A quick sale company such as ours can help you to avoid broken chains that commonly occur when you put your home up for sale with an estate agent.
  • The estate agent will vet all potential buyers and arrange for them to come and view the property
  • Our regulated company guarantees a sale if you are happy to sell for the price they put on your home.
  • When selling with a company offering cash for your home such as ours we consider property that is in disrepair.

The Cons of Selling with Each

Just as there are pros there are also cons with each that have to be weighed up against the other, these include:

  • You typically may not get the full value of your property when selling with companies that buy houses online, including ours. Usually you may expect around 70% of the full value.
  • When selling with an estate agent your home may be on the market for many months, or it may not sell at all.
  • When selling through an estate agent you have fees to pay along with those of a solicitor.
  • To sell with an estate agent your home typically has to be in the best condition possible in order to be able to get the full asking price.
  • While your home does not have to be in the best condition when selling with a regulated company such as ours, it may affect the offer we give.


The above are just a few of the many factors that you need to give careful thought to when considering the pros and cons of selling with each and there may be many more. Take your time deciding on the most suitable option and if in doubt ask for our advice.

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Anyone looking to sell property fast may wish to consider companies that buy houses as this could be one of the fastest and less stressful ways to sell.

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