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At Sell House Fast we guarantee that you'll be able to achieve a fast house sale. We will buy your home direct from you, just as a cash buyer would do. What's more we pay all of your selling costs, including your solicitor fees, so it won't cost you a penny!

Our service is of interest to many people, typically those who are in the following situations:

Quick House Sales. If you need a quick house sale, we are the first people you should speak to! No matter what the reason or how fast you need to sell your property, we can offer you a satisfactory solution. Even in areas where the property market is volatile or in cases where owners are suffering from the effects of the recession, Sell House Fast can move swiftly to organise a prompt and agreeable settlement to resolve your problems.

Financial Difficulties Resolved. Too many people are caught in a debt trap where the simplest solution would be to sell their property. At a time when finding buyers with funding in place may be difficult, we can help. If you are experiencing problems maintaining payments on secured loans because unsecured credit has got out of hand, selling your home quickly through We will release the equity to clear your debts and allow you a fresh start.

Inherited Property. You may need to quickly release assets which have been bequeathed as part of a will. Using the services of We will enable you to facilitate a property sale much quicker than traditional methods. You may also find that after the loss of a loved one, you would rather be free of the responsibility of organising a property sale. Our sympathetic and professional service will guide you through the process of accomplishing a timely culmination.

Divorce or Separation. The demise of a partnership is often a stressful time. When this also involves the distribution of assets tied up in a property, it is essential that a swift transaction is organised. We have the means to expedite the sale of the property and quickly divide the equity between the partners. Even when there is no surplus from the house sale, the service offered by Sell House Fast is an efficient conclusion to an unpleasant experience.

Relocation and Emigration. We have previously come to the rescue of individuals and families about to leave the UK to start a new life overseas, who have not been able to find a purchaser for their existing property. With our fast and efficient sales procedure, We will ensure that by the time you arrive in your new destination, the sale of your home has been taken care of and the funds are deposited in your bank. We may even be able to organise the transaction before your leave!

Threat of Repossession. Changes to your personal circumstances can result in the possibility of losing your home. Sometimes, these decree that you need immediate action and this is where we are most effective. Even before all the traditional methods of saving your property have been exhausted, you should be speaking with us to determine what alternative courses of action are available. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by our understanding nature and efficient solutions.

A Break in the Chain. When you come to sell your house and move to a new property, you are often relying on the person down the chain from you concluding their property transaction in order for you to progress with yours. The more complex this chain of buyers and sellers, the more likely it is to break. If you find yourself let down on a house sale, let us come to your assistance and you need not necessarily forgo completing on the house of your dreams.

Failing Health. For some people, long-term illness constitutes a major problem maintaining payments for a secured loan against a property. Failing health may also mean that your home becomes inappropriate to your needs. We will be supportive and considerate in organising the quick sale of your property, enabling you to move to a more suitable residence, acquire full-time care if required, and be free from any worrying debts.

Landlords & Property Investors. We provide an invaluable service for buy-to-let investors whose properties have failed to reach the yields required to make their investment profitable. Our valuations are based on the most reliable platform hometrack. Not only will we manage a quick sale of your property, allowing you to free your assets for more lucrative opportunities, but there are no commissions of fees payable as there would be with an estate agent, and therefore your return on investment is increased.

Call us on 01619-191-668 - we are here to help you, no matter what your circumstances. Alternatively, contact us via our Enquiry form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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What are my options if I want to make sure I get a quick house sale , how long might it take to sell my property because I need a fast sale.

I have heard there are companies online who will offer quick house sales how do I apply to sell my house and how long does it take to sell?

When you are considering putting your home on the housing market you may wish to bear in mind that a fast house sale may be impossible so you may wish to look online for a sale.

My home could be on the market for a long time and I need a quick home sale,would I be able to sell fast with an online regulated company offering cash for homes?

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